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MKTPlace Ventures certainly rocks the Melbourne startup scene as a pre-seed incubator. Founder and CEO Tony Simmons knows what he’s looking for when going through the selection process and it’s typically a mixture of a great idea and founders with “fire in their belly” who are prepared to take risks and move fast.

He takes a very active role with the startups at MKTPlace Ventures.

“I’ve set about with the MKTPlace Ventures incubator to be more like a teaching lab than a funding lab. Funding only gets you so far. Knowing what to focus on and cutting out the glorious distractions takes you further.”

Tony continues, highlighting the ecosystem in the city, “Melbourne is flush with funding and opportunity. Where MKTPlace Ventures is positioned is in working with startups and plugging them into the opportunities that are out there.” Lithodomos VR, who merge archeology and VR, are an excellent example of this, having secured A$1m and landed major deals within just a few months working with Tony at MKTPlace Ventures.

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